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Modell einer glatten Kummer-Fläche

Object NameModell einer glatten Kummer-Fläche
English: Model of a smooth Kummer surface
Individual Model/Group/SeriesSingle Model
Type of ModelMathematical Models
Last UpdateMai 2015
Formal Description
Manufacture TechniqueIndustrial
Single/Multiple ManufactureIndividual Production
DismountableNon Dismountable
Description of the Content
Academic DisciplineGeometry
Intended UseExposition Object · Teaching Object
Year of Production2013
Place of ProductionIngelheim
Further InformationHersteller: Dr. Oliver Labs 
Reference Object
Reference ObjectGlatte Kummerfläche
Reference Collections
Mathematische Modellsammlung, Philipps-Universität Marburg · Details