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Modell der Frucht von Malus domestica (Kulturapfel)

Object NameModell der Frucht von Malus domestica (Kulturapfel)
Original NameModell Frucht Malus domestica 2:1
Individual Model/Group/SeriesSingle Model
Type of ModelModels of Creatures and Biological Systems
Last UpdateNov 11
Formal Description
ScaleAugmentation 2:1
Size (Width, Height, Depth)14 x 8 x 20 cm
Manufacture TechniqueHandcraft
DismountableNon Dismountable
Description of the Content
Academic DisciplineAgricultural Sciences · Biology · Botany · Crop Science
Intended UseTeaching Object
Place of ProductionBerlin
Producer/Distributor of
Technical Object
Reference Object
Reference ObjectFrucht von Malus domestica (Kulturapfel)
Biological TaxaRosales
Body Part / OrganPropagule
Organic SystemReproductive System
Reference Collections
Botanisches Museum Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin · Details
CollectionBotanisches Museum Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin
Inventory NumberB890000424